About Nanoplast

The vision:

"to develop and implement a technology that enables the use of nanostructured surfaces on injection molded plastic components"

By micro- and nanostructuring a surface it is possible to obtain 

  • self-cleaning properties
  • structural colors
  • anti-reflection
  • hydrophobicity
  • anti-stiction

The applications:

  • direct integration of color decoration on plastic parts
  • anti-stiction surfaces on the inside of plastic containers 

The NanoPlast platform links the unique injection molding competences of the Danish plastic industry to the public funded state-of-the-art nanotechnology infrastructure and know-how at the Danish Technical University (DTU).


Number of partners: 11
Project period: Oct. 2010-Oct. 2014
Budget: 12.1 €m
DNATF investment: 6.7 €m

Contact information: Rafael Taboryski, rata@nanotech.dtu.dk


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